i-big-41From a recruiter’s perspective, we prefer to work closely with our clients on a proactive human resources plan (aka. workforce recruitment).  Proactive recruitment planning provides you the opportunity to properly research market trends, compensation plans and the best possible candidates for your team, not the best candidate available “at the time”.

From our client’s point of view, reactionary recruiting can be quite costly and an inefficient use of resources.  Typically reaction to an urgent job requirement involves some/or all following:

  • Hiring Manager is required to redistribute his/her time to create a job description, review budget and reevaluate the delivery schedule.  Depending on your business this could represent a loss of billable hours, development, time etc.
  • HR quickly posts a job on their website and other job boards.  Another expense of time and money.   Remember, speeding up a poor process just makes bad things happen faster.
  • Eventually candidates begin to apply through the various means, resumes are forwarded to the hiring manager and interviews are scheduled.
  • After several weeks and numerous interviews, both HR and the hiring manager realize that they are back at square one.  These aren’t the type of candidates they had in mind!  Top candidates aren’t usually looking for work- the opportunities tend to find them.
  • HR or one of the executives then contacts their trusted recruiter and asks them to drop what they’re doing to help fulfill the requirement.
  • This is typically a frustrating experience for everyone involved.  Unfortunately, good candidates can often sense your frustration and it may deter them from joining your team.

Proactive Workforce Recruiting

Properly executed workforce recruitment planning can have a positive and significant impact on your bottom line.  You could easily argue my bias but I’ve always believed that the employee recruiting, retention and succession are the most critical elements to your business’ success and growth.  There are misconceptions that a continual engagement with your preferred recruiting firm is costly to your business.  I have a number of clients that have happily provided testimonials dispelling those misconceptions.  Engage your recruiting firm of choice and share your growth plans, strategies and hiring forecasts.  In return you’ll leverage your recruiter’s years of industry experience and gain more knowledge about market trends, compensation plans, benefits and retention programs.  When that ideal candidate comes along you’ll be prepared to seize the opportunity.  The statement “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity” certainly rings true for your business’ hiring strategies.