HR Planning Services

Proactive HR planning will have significant impact on ensuring you have the top quality talent at the right time for your organization.

Marler & Associates has a proven track record over 15 years in acting as a trusted strategic partner to deliver workforce solutions to organizations quickly and effectively.

Whether you are recruiting one or fifty people, our team of experienced recruiters and human resource professionals provide practical and strategic HR services that deliver the results you need to grow your business.

Our team of professionals will advise you of market trends, compensation and benefits, and candidate interest to ensure you secure top talent for your organization with a guarantee of confidentiality.  Working with you to support continuous opportunities for career development and by promoting recruitment and retention, we will become your trusted business partner.  Marler & Associates maintains close relationships with our candidates and clients because proactive planning is paramount to ensure future success.  Dedication to maximizing workforce productivity and return on investment for our clients is supported by our succession planning practice. Our tailored succession plan works to retain key employees, and to identify areas that organizations and employees may need to develop further.