We’ve been in the technical and sales recruiting market for several years and we’ve observed an increase in competitiveness in the recruitment and employment landscape.

It has become nearly as competitive as it was a decade ago.  If you’re planning to recruit and augment your team in the near future, we have a few pointers that could help you land the candidate you’ve been searching for.

These candidates drive recruiters nuts

Whether it’s a development, sales, human resources, executive or marketing position there are candidates that will jump at the first offer provided to them and there are candidates that will wait until multiple offers have been received prior to making a decision.  In most cases, when a candidate has invested in the interview process they are either in need of employment or have made a decision that it’s time to changes jobs.   There are also a small percentage of candidates that are looking to solicit offers in the efforts to drive up the salary they earn from their current employer.  These candidates drive recruiters nuts and they don’t truly intend on accepting any offers but a good pre-interview screening process should eliminate the majority of these tire kickers.

With this in mind, why wouldn’t you want to be the first one to extend an offer?

Here are some of the advantages:

If you have offered your candidate their desired salary and they’re willing to lose your offer while waiting to receive others, it’s a strong indication that you weren’t their first choice to begin with.  It’s good to know this as early as possible in the process.

Being the first to extend an offer shows that you have the guts to be the first at the table and shows your leadership strength.  Candidates are drawn to confident leaders.

Making your offer shortly after the close of the final interview demonstrates your decision-making abilities.  Top candidates want to work for managers that don’t waffle in the decision process.  How you interview and hire says a lot about how you’ll manage.

The next time you find your top candidate, don’t drag your feet.  Make them the offer.