I think it’s safe to assume that everyone one us wants to feel wanted or needed by the people in our lives and we often forget that our workplace is a large part of that life. In fact, most of us spend more time at the office than we do at home with our family and friends. So why do so many employers neglect to show their prospective candidates any love?

As a recruiting firm, we often have candidates that are interviewing for multiple opportunities. We recruit well-qualified candidates and they often receive multiple offers and then have to make a difficult decision with respect to their career advancement. What pushes a candidate to choose one offer over another? There are several different answers and I’d like to share a situation we’ve encountered in the past.

One of our recruited candidates was negotiating with two companies. Both companies had solid reputations – they were both well positioned in their respective industries and both offered the opportunity for career advancement. Although these companies were in different industries, the job and associated responsibilities were essentially the same. But there was one critical difference, Company “A” was offering less salary and bonus than Company “B”. So why did the candidate accept the offer from A?

In short, Company A showed our recruit the love. They made the candidate feel wanted and that the candidate’s skills were sorely needed to advance the goals of the company. Let’s focus on the positive of what A did to attract the candidate instead of what B failed to do. Firstly, A clearly communicated their recruiting/interview process with the candidate and outlined the timeline and all steps involved. They went as far as detailing the number of interviews that needed to take place, who would be conducting the interviews, why those team members were involved in the interview process and, assuming all went well, when the candidate could expect to receive the offer of employment. Secondly, and most importantly, they followed through on everything they committed to doing. They didn’t leave the candidate in the lurch, if there was a delay or a change in the process they contacted us and/or the candidate to explain the situation and reschedule if necessary. Finally, they explained the to the candidate why their skills were of great importance to the company and how they thought the candidate could contribute and add value to the company’s future. The candidate was provided face to face time with members of A’s execute team as well as potential coworkers and was free to explore any subject matter they wanted. Company A always valued the candidate’s time and listened attentively to the candidate’s career and personal goals. The candidate felt valued by Company A, so when it came time to make that crucial decision there was no question, even though B was offering a better compensation package.

Sounds a bit like dating doesn’t it?

Recruiting and hiring top candidates is critical to the success of your company and showing the love is essential to differentiating your company from other that may be wooing the same candidates.