As of Recently, I started a new career as a recruiter for the Ottawa based recruitment agency Marler & Associates. Having come fresh out of Carleton University into a recruiting agency, I hadn’t a clue the importance social media hubs like and  It makes sense.  In this day and age everybody and their dog can be found online but before I landed a job recruiting, I was approaching the job hunting process all wrong.

What I’ve come to know over these past few months is the value of linkedIn as a recruiting tool.

It supplies the opportunity to reach out and approach social networks that would be nonexistent without it. Recruiter and employers can find individuals who hold specific qualifications that are hard to find and also begin pre-screening candidates all from behind a computer. When I was on the other side of the fence, looking for career opportunities, I rarely logged on to linkedIn and now I barely log out. Even Facebook as mentioned before is a great tool. It enables me to spread information at the click of a button to my entire social network.  I can’t imagine my career without it; the tediousness that past generation endured with minimal resources.  It’s a branch of technology we take for granted. We have the opportunity to stay connected and expand our networks at the click of a button.

What I find most interesting about social media, is its impact on emerging careers. From the IT and marketing to recruiting, we can see the growing influence.  Platforms we once used to socialize with friends are making their way into the day-to-day job description of many Canadians.  If you haven’t already done so, get connected and see what’s out there; whether you are looking for a new job position or an employer looking for a qualified candidate there’s something to be said about the effectiveness of social media.